10DER is an automated robotic system that is able to perform various tasks quickly and accurately. With the use of this automation system, it is highly competitive with an attractive price point.

Multiple Modular Systems


Each Modular CNC Machine Tending Platform comes equipped with a multi-touch HMI touchscreen that lets the user manage the robot. It is a single screen robot part set-up and it lets the user-startup the robot with a simple icon-based screen. Enclosed in the electrical area, there is a robot controller and also high voltage and low voltage is separated for safety factors.

10DER by CNC Solutions

Multiple modular options that help to configure shelves in any way the operator desires. These shelves can be removed and changed around to create the ideal source of space. The machine is also very accessible, as there is a magnetic access door interlock, which has an easy access pneumatic Lock Out/Tag Out Valve. This helps ensure operator safety because it does not allow tampering while the robot is in motion. Another great aspect of the Modular CNC Machine Tending Platform is the mobility of the unit. It comes equipped with forklift pockets built into the base which makes moving the machine very easy.

Interactive HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Machine Data And Specifications


Fully Enclosed

3-Stage Signal Lights

Safety Laser Scanners

Highly Mobile

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